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ILoveJesus.org Image Credits

Please note the copyrights and credits below.

The images you see within the ilovejesus.org domain are NOT public domain and they are NOT available for download or linking to. They are all protected under copyright law and are owned by their respective artists or companies. We have received permission to use these images on this site only. If you want to use them elsewhere, please let us know which one and we can tell you where we got it from so you can seek permission to use them elsewhere.

Many images are provided by Paol Carson of DrawShop.com

Some themes provided by In His Image.

Animations in the LivePencil_com folder are courtesy of LivePencil.com.

Many images are courtesy of Gifart.com

Thanks to Jane of

folkarttreasures.com for the use of her images / PSP tubes. Visit her sites for tutorials and tubes if you are a PSP user.

ILoveJesus.org site images are copyrighted and are not available for download.